A whiter smile is something that surveys have shown up to 86% of Americans want. It can have a huge impact on first impressions, and can even improve self-image. Studies have shown those who have that bright white smile do better in job interviews and even look younger. It is hard to believe that so many positive consequences are inked to something that is relatively inexpensive and takes very little time.

While there are numerous over the counter whitening options available, the professional whitening that Dr. Bez offers has numerous benefits that you simply can’t find unless you visit a professional. Dr. Bez has been restoring smiles for his grateful patients since 1977, and has a reputation for his caring, expertise and patient first philosophy.

Dr. Bez offers the KöR Whitening system, which is one of the safest, most comfortable, and most effective whitening solutions around. The results tell the story, they last much longer, you experience much less sensitivity and they work on stains that are caused by a number of reasons, including tetracycline – stained (dark) teeth. This whitening product is even more resistant to coffee and tea after the process, although we recommend you avoid it to retain the best results. Visit the KöR website at http://www.korwhitening.com/ to read the reviews from others and then call Dr. Bez today to schedule your appointment and enjoy this summer with a white smile you’ll be proud to show!