DrBez1.5-webThe American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine recently awarded one of its highest honors to our very own Dr. Michael Bezbatchenko – the title of Diplomate. There are currently only 10 dentists in the state of Ohio who have earned this prestigious title, and only 3 of them currently practice in the Columbus area.

Dr. Bez went through a rigorous process involving a tremendous amount of extra education, and studying many cases of sleep apnea and TMJD. After completing all of the requirements, he can now be seen as a leading dental sleep medicine expert, not only in the city, but in the country.

While Dr. Bez and other dentists may not be able to give definitive diagnoses of sleep disorders, they see many of the signs of Sleep Apnea and TMJD. They also offer a unique perspective on treatment, and offer many that can help almost any patient in more convenient and comfortable ways.

Many have heard of a CPAP machine, especially those diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine is one of the most common methods of treating Sleep Apnea, but can be uncomfortable, and noisy and bothersome to its wearer and their families. Dentists who practice sleep medicine, however, have been treating this sleep disorder in other methods, such as with oral appliances. A fraction of the size, and much less restrictive, these devices are seldom heard of. Dr. Bez is able to provide these options to his patients as an alternative to the CPAP with much greater compliance.

Dr. Bez is passionate about educating those diagnosed with a sleep disorder, and even those who may have sleep apnea and not know about it. His recent title is just one example of his dedication to dental sleep medicine. If you or a loved one have been suffering from TMJD, Sleep Apnea, another sleep disorder, or have other dental issues they would like an expert opinion on, call the office today!