As the New Year begins many of us are in the process of scheduling speakers for upcoming events. Be it a volunteer organization, church group or another venue we have the speaker for you!
Dr. Michael Bezbatchenko, founder of the Central Ohio TMJD and Dental Sleep Center, LLC is well known for his presentations on Sleep Apnea and the TMJD connection. Often sought after by the media for interviews on the topic, “Dr. Bez”, as he is known to his patients, is the area’s expert. Dr. Bez, passionate about the impact of undiagnosed sleep apnea, he has made it his life’s calling to spread the word of the dangers.
Dr. Bezbatchenko has made numerous appearances on television and has been interviewed for a plethora of prominent magazine articles, including Columbus Monthly. In addition to the requests from media he has been asked to speak to The American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association, along with many presentations to professional organizations within his field.
Dr. Bezbatchenko is currently scheduling into the New Year for his presentations and informative Q&A with attendees. Sleep Apnea is associated with an increased risk for Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, and Heart Disease to name just a few, and the list is ever evolving as new studies find the “sleep” connection to health.
If you think the members of your group or club could benefit from learning more about this silent killer, call our office to inquire about scheduling today. Let’s make 2017 a year of better sleep and better health!