May is the month we honor and celebrate our mothers each year. Mother’s are legendary for their energy non-stop approach each and every day! Their sacrifices sometimes keep them from getting the sleep their much needed nightly rest. You can help Mom get her much needed rest by helping her following these few simple steps.

1. Let Mom have some private time at night to wind down.
We all need an hour or so around the same time each night to prepare for sleep; some people sleep, some meditate, some watch tv. Whatever it is that allows your mom to unwind from the day give her some space and it will help her to get a better nights sleep.

2. Give her some time to exercise during the day.
Studies have shown that even ten minutes of walking during the day can help us get a better nights sleep. Whatever it is that Mom likes to do to get her heart rate going make sure you give her some free time to do it!

3. If you hear Mom snoring make sure you encourage her to see a doctor to rule out sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea is a serious condition that not only prevents deep REM sleep but can lead to serious health conditions including stroke and heart attack.

We know how much you love your love your Mom and that you want her to be the best, and healthiest, that she can be!