Do you have a CPAP machine? Do you have a loved one that does? Do you or your loved one use the CPAP? Dr. Bez asks because you may be joining many others with sleep apnea who share several experiences that can lead to something known in the field as “CPAP failure.” Studies show that up to 50% of those who have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and given a CPAP machine to use when sleeping don’t acclimate to using the machine properly over time.

Your sleep doctors want people to use their machine properly over time so that they feel better. But the real issue is that not using your CPAP machine regularly and as diagnosed can put you at risk. For many, this leaves them in a bind. What to do next? When you and your CPAP just can’t seem to work out your differences, whatever they may be, there are other options. And if this sounds like you or a loved one, we can help. Call us today to learn more about oral appliances. There are many easy-to-use options. Get in touch with Dr. Bez to discover if this is a solution that will work for you! Many of our patients have had great success and returned to looking forward to a good night again. It doesn’t have to be CPAP, but you do need to sleep.