As we ring in the new year with all its changes, we have some good news to share! Central Ohio TMJD and Dental Sleep Therapy here in Westerville is having a little bit of a family reunion! It turns out that the Columbus Crew SC, Columbus’ Major League Soccer team, has been undergoing some major organizational changes. The Black and Gold have named a new coach and a Westerville native son to lead the team as an organization.

Why all the talk about professional soccer here? It turns out also that the new president of the Columbus Crew is none other than Dr. Bez’s son Tim Bezbatchenko. “We are thrilled to have secured Tim Bezbatchenko and Caleb Porter to lead Columbus Crew SC,” said The Crew SC’s new investor-operator group. Dr. Bez is delighted to have Tim, his wife, and grandchildren back in Columbus.

Tim most recently came from Ontario where, notably, Toronto FC had four of its best seasons while Bezbatchenko was GM (2014-2017). Tim’s track record in building successful teams, including Toronto’s MLS Cup in 2017, along with his experience on both the league-side and club-side of Major League Soccer make him uniquely qualified to serve as president. Dr. Bez is excited for the Crew to have his son’s talents working for them, as well. 

Dr. Bez also notes that soccer has been Tim’s life since he was five years old—when Dr. Bez himself was Tim’s first coach! He’s thrilled to have his son’s passion work out so well for him. The reaction of patients, friends, and other family have been the same. They are looking forward to Tim’s involvement in building the new stadium and—hopefully—leading the Crew to another MLS championship. 

From the bottom of our hearts here at Central Ohio TMJD and Dental Sleep Therapy, and not just because we share a last name, we mean it: welcome back, Tim.