It may not seem like it, but our dads are mostly ordinary people. And dads also have a profound impact on our lives. They are our role models, heroes, and friends. They teach us some of the most important life lessons that we learn and coach us through ones that are unteachable. Fathers make a tremendous impact on a child’s life. 

Studies have shown that a positive male figure can help a child’s emotional and social development. One study has shown that children with a father figure have better reading and writing skills. And yet another study proves that fathers have a greater influence over children’s dental habits than even moms do! That’s far from ordinary!

If you’re a dad, know a dad, or are thinking about becoming a dad, think about dialing in your dental habits. While most men don’t follow the suggested guidelines or see the dentist as often as they should, correcting these bad habits is surprisingly simple. Brush twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your dentist for checkups twice a year. Given how complicated the world has become, taking care of your mouth really isn’t hard.

Here at Dr. Bez’s office, we are so grateful to all the fathers making a positive impact on their children. We also want to thank all the stepfathers, grandfathers, father figures and yes, mothers acting in the role of mother and father for the love and dedication they give.

Thank you for all you do, Happy Father’s Day from the staff at Dr. Bez and the team!