If you have made a New Years Resolution this year to lose weight, eat better, or get into better shape, you may be dreading feeling “the grind” of this new impending lifestyle choice. Eating healthier foods, drinking more water each day, and sticking to a weekly exercise regiment can often feel like an uphill climb. Did you know doing all of that will also contribute to a healthier smile? That’s right! Eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and exercising benefit your overall dental health in many ways.

Why not start easy? 75% of Americans today do not drink enough water. Doctors recommend between 64-80 ounces of water each day regardless of your levels of physical activity. This may seem somewhat excessive but drinking more water will benefit almost every bodily function we experience. In an effort to lose weight, water is great at curbing cravings and regulating sugar levels. Most often when we feel hungry soon after eating a meal it is because we are dehydrated. Drinking more water will also help prevent you from binging on sugary foods, limiting the amount of sugar that comes into contact with your teeth. Drinking more water also help your mouth produce more saliva, making it easier it is for you mouth to eliminate more bacteria that may linger around your teeth.

Water is key to your health and don’t be afraid of tap water! It’s easy, available, and tap water often has fluoride in it, a dentist’s best friend. Drinking tap water compounds all the benefits of a more hydrated body with the dental benefits of fluoride. Simply put, water is the fuel your body needs to reach any new physical goals. 

As you strive to improve your lifestyle, you can also find motivation in the fact that whether you know it or not, simply drinking enough water can improve your overall dental health as well. The whole team here at Bez wishes you the best of luck to all of you pushing yourself to get into better shape. Happy new year and remember to keep drinking water!