There are so many things in this day and age that can be written up to being “just in your head.” But TMJD? TMJD is in your head, kind of. Many people are unaware that TMJD can show up in all sorts of curious ways. Pain can show up in the face, ear, jaw, or mouth. The ripple effects of that pain can show up in even more places. It’s not imaginary, though.

TMJD pain can be chronic, joints can crackle, and it can cause muscle spasms. It turns out that your pain has everything to do with the many variables of your particular jaw and how you use it. Some TMJD pain is caused almost exclusively by grinding your teeth. Other people’s pain could be caused by the particular way their jaw was formed at birth. Each jaw is different, and therefore each set of symptoms are unique.

No matter what it is that TMJD is doing in your body and to your head, the team at Dr. Bez understands. We can assess, recommend therapies, and/or appliances. In short, we can help. Follow us on Facebook to learn how you can get around TMJD and enjoy overall improved health.